An Overview of Nebraska Motorcycle Laws

There’s no question that Nebraska is one of the most popular states for motorcyclists. But even with the wide plains and open roads, it’s important to understand the state’s motorcycle laws. Keep reading as we take a closer look at rider safety equipment, motorcycle specifications, and rules of the road.

Motorcyclist Safety Regulations

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way first. Every motorcyclist, regardless of age, is required to wear a safety helmet. Whether you’re riding from one end of the state to another or you’re just heading out on a quick 10-minute ride, be sure to wear a protective helmet.

While eye protection is not required for riders, it is highly recommended. It’s also worth noting that Nebraska does not require periodic safety inspections for motorcycles. If you have additional questions about motorcyclist safety regulations, don’t hesitate to contact an accident attorney.

Motorcycle Specifications

Just because turn signals are not required in Nebraska doesn’t mean there are no motorcycles specifications at all in the state. For example, a passenger seat and footrest are required when carrying a passenger. Motorcyclists who ride after sunset must remember to turn on their headlights and taillights. Another rider specification worth mentioning is that there is no maximum sound level limit for mufflers.

Rules of the Road

In terms of riding rules, motorcyclists need to remember that lane splitting is illegal. Not only can riding between lanes of traffic get you a ticket, but this kind of recklessness on the road could get you killed. Secondly, it is illegal for two motorcyclists to ride next to each other in a single lane. Similar to lane splitting, riding two abreast in one lane is extremely dangerous. Contact a local motorcycle accident lawyer if you have additional questions about what you can and cannot do as a motorcyclist on the road.

Contact A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Nebraska

Here at Metier Law, we’re just as passionate about riding motorcycles as you are. For our motorcycle injury attorneys, nothing beats traveling the open road. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often at greater risk of being involved in an accident than other drivers.

Motorcycle accidents happen for a number of reasons. In some cases, a motorcyclist loses control of their bike due to inclement weather and/or adverse road conditions. Other riders, meanwhile, make the mistake of going too fast or driving recklessly. But the majority of motorcycle accidents we see at Metier Law were caused by a driver’s negligence.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were injured in a motorcycle accident? In the event that you couldn’t go to work for an extended period of time, would your family have the finances to maintain their current lifestyle? Not only that, but would you be able to afford the medical expenses necessary to get you back on your feet?

Our motorcycle accident lawyers know that you’ve probably never considered such a scenario. But should you ever need a motorcycle injury lawyer in Nebraska, you can count on the Metier team to fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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