Are Electric Motorcycles The Way Of The Future?

New data released by a Colorado company predicts global sales of electric motorcycles and scooters will climb above 55 million units over the next decade.

Batteries used in electric motorcycles have become much cheaper, reducing the cost of purchasing one significantly. Further technological developments in battery technology may bring prices down and allow the motorcycles to travel further before needing to be recharged. Consumers and law enforcement are two groups that have been quick to buy electric motorcycles.

What Are Benefits Of Electric Motorcycles?

More than 50 police departments across the country have utilized electric motorcycles during traffic patrols. Police departments have claimed electric motorcycles give law enforcement a tactical advantage while patrolling traffic, as they are almost completely silent. With a silent motorcycle, police can sneak up on speeders and other motorists without being heard.

Regular consumers might see the appeal of saving money on gas, helping the environment or taking part in a new trend.

Some companies are waiting to see whether electric motorcycles can maintain popularity before releasing their own versions. Harley Davidson is not expected to release its version of the electric motorcycle for several years. However, Fortune Magazine recently commented that Harley is developing its own version of the electric motorcycle to appeal to younger riders.

No matter how futuristic motorcycles become, motorcycle safety should always remain a top priority for riders and other motorists. It is possible that sharing the road will become more difficult if motorists are unable to hear motorcycles approaching.

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