Are More People Suffering Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Between 2006 and 2010, emergency room visits for traumatic brain injury increased 30 percent. Most of them had no lasting damage, but even minor brain injuries can result in loss of consciousness, harmful swelling and memory loss.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine examined data from more than 950 U.S. medical centers. Both traumatic brain injuries and overall hospital visits increased during the study, but brain injuries rose eight times faster.

The majority of injuries were among children under three and seniors over 60, groups that are already susceptible to TBI. Some researchers believe those age groups benefit less from preventative methods, like helmet laws and safer sport practices.

Why Have There Been So Many Brain Injuries Lately?

The spike in emergency room visits may be a result of increased TBI awareness, thanks to professional sports organizations. Now that people know more about the danger of brain injuries, they are more likely to seek medical care for any level of head trauma.

Researchers believe brain injury prevention is just as important as knowing when to seek treatment. Organizations like Colorado’s Brain Injury Alliance help educate people on safety and prevention.

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