Are Transnational Motorcycle Tours Safe?

When choosing a route for a long distance motorcycle tour, its best to consider more than just national landmarks. Especially when travelling through foreign countries, it is necessary to be aware of the political climate of the areas you plan on riding through before adding them to your route. At the moment, many parts of the Mexican interior are not very safe for American tourists.

Very recently, a 32-year-old American motorcyclist disappeared near the Zihuatanejo beach south of Mexico City, according to USA Today. The region of Mexico had previously been declared an area to avoid by the U.S. government. The motorcyclist was not alone. He arranged for military escorts to meet him at various towns to provide security; however, he has not been heard from since January 25. Currently, the U.S. State Department is working with local authorities to try and locate the lost American.

I Need an Attorney That Handles Motorcycle Accident Cases

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