Athletic Children Hospital Visits Up 60 Percent

The number of athletic children going to the hospital for concussions is up 60 percent from a decade ago, according to a new federal study. This large hike in the rate of hospital visits is likely due to increased awareness of the dangers of brain injury among parents and educators.

This awareness is becoming more noticeable in high-school football programs nationwide, who are re-thinking their policies towards concussions. Many are implementing new programs requiring players to sit out of games until a medical professional can verify that they no longer have a concussion. A second impact to a brain injury can lead to permanent damage and often death.

As football is the leading cause of these types of brain injuries, it is encouraging that schools are adjusting their policies according to current medical findings on brain injury.

Authorities note that a concussion is not a bruise to the brain but “brain damage” that never really heals.

This awareness is spreading throughout the football community, reaching through high school and college into the NFL. Unfortunately, with the money involved in professional sports, it is much harder to convince pro players to protect their brains.

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