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Who Is Attorney Emily Benight?

Meet personal injury attorney Emily Benight, an associate at Metier Law Firm. She practices in Wyoming and Colorado, focusing on motor vehicle accidents, insurance bad faith and general personal injury law. If you need assistance after an accident or injury, then contact our law firm today to speak with Emily or another injury lawyer in a free initial consultation.

Video Transcription

I’m Emily Benight. I’m an attorney at the Metier Law Firm. I’m from Wyoming, grew up in Jackson Hole and did my undergrad at the University of Wyoming. I was the director of the prosecution clinic my 3L year during law school, so I got to get into the courtroom quite a bit and really really realize that that’s what I want to do. That that’s where I want to be. Being able to give the voice to those who are injured and pursuing justice for them. You know, whether it be a fair settlement or going all the way to trial where they can actually tell their story. And know that everything has been done that can be done for them and that justice has been served. And they have that closure. You know, justice deals with the closure that we provide. And being able to go into insurance bad faith and potentially having law or rules written to keep the insurance company from pushing people off or not evaluating the claim in a fair way. To then, in the future, we aren’t running into these same issues and, as I said, it just gives people closure when they get the justice they need.