Who Is Attorney Galen Trine-McMahan?

Meet attorney Galen Trine-McMahan, an associate at Metier Law Firm who focuses his practice on personal injury and wrongful death claims. He also handles insurance bad faith and corporate negligence cases. If you need legal assistance after an accident or injury in Wyoming, then contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with Galen or any of our other injury attorneys.

Video Transcription

I really like that feeling, like when you’re, you know—even going back to when we were on the playground, where you get to stand up for your friend and say, “No, don’t do that. He’s my friend.” It’s such a good feeling and I found a job that I can get that feeling every single day. The first time that a client comes in to Metier Law Firm, we’re going to sit down with them. Talk to them about what happened and what concerns they have. What they’ve really been going through. The legal system really can be scary for a lot of people who don’t know what to expect, and so it’s good to have someone there helping them through it. Every day, I really look forward to the relief that I know these families are going to have after they know the bills are going to be taken care of. And their kid is going to be taken care of. And almost more than anything, they can put all this to bed. All the anger and hurt and… and feeling betrayed or let down. They can close the door on that chapter of their life and build something new for themselves.

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