Audit Recommends CO State Motorcycle Safety Program End

We often stress the importance of a safety-minded attitude when it comes to riding your motorcycle. With all the inherent dangers involved, it is only prudent to take proper steps to minimize your risk while riding. A good option to learn these kinds of skills is a motorcycle safety training program. Colorado has had just such a program for 20 years, provided by the Colorado Department of Transportation, but it might not be around for much longer.

A state audit is recommending that Colorado end its Motorcycle Operator Safety Training program because there are so many other programs now available to the public. The audit also mentions “serious” management problems, which, if the program is to continue, will need to be resolved.

The report said that while in 1990 there were only five motorcycle safety training schools and 30 instructors on the Front Range, there are now 20 schools and 165 instructors across the state. With so many other options, the number of students using the state program is dropping.

The audit says if the program continues it needs to resolve certain weaknesses in its contracting with private motorcycle safety programs. These programs have asked for and received reimbursements for items not agreed to in contracts, ranging from a $30 can of paint to an $18,000 motorcycle.

Motorcycle safety programs are an important part of the community, and with a 20-year history of helping prevent motorcycle accidents, it would be a shame to see the state’s program go. We can hope they will fix their management issues and continue serving the Front Range.

Have you taken the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Motorcycle Operator Safety Training program, and if so, how do you feel about calls to shut it down?

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