Australian Company Dreamfit Designs Motorcycle for Paraplegics

After a serious motorcycle accident, some riders say the hardest thing to do is get back on your bike; however, many riders who have been paralyzed in an accident never get the option to return to the sport they love, and that can be much harder.

Due to advances in technology, paralyzed riders may soon get the opportunity to get back on the road.

Through his company Dreamfit, a West Australian man named Darren Lommar has designed a motorcycle that gives paraplegics the opportunity to ride again.

The Australian company specializes in custom modifications for sportspeople with disabilities, including speedboats, seated surfboards and other equipment.

The motorcycle in question is a heavily modified Honda CBR250RR, boasting several innovations to accommodate paraplegics, including:

  • Gear Shifting – Normally controlled by the left foot, the Dreamfit motorcycle allows riders to switch gears using a thumb lever. There is also the option of an RPM-dependent auto-shift feature.
  • Ergonomic Support – Since paraplegics cannot hold themselves up using their lower body or stomach muscles, the bike boasts several features to help riders stay upright. Modifications include molded plates to hold the lower body in place and cup-style footrests to keep the rider’s feet steady. The seat comes with specially-designed knee and lumbar support to keep the rider from moving too far forward or backward.
  • Low Speed Stability– Since riders are unable to stabilize the bike with their feet, designers have equipped the bike with stabilizers, affectionately nicknamed “landing gear”. Once the bike slows to a speed where balance can become difficult, a pair of stabilizing wheels on steel struts lower to support the bikes weight. Once the bike speeds up, the struts fold back into the bike.

Due to the importance of measurement, every Dreamfit bike must be custom designed.  Lommar says that while development costs are high and the bike is still in prototype stages, he has received over 150 inquires about the bike from around the world. As Dreamfit moves into a new facility, Lommar hopes they can take these machines to production.

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