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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Let’s say you get into an accident (at no fault of your own) and are left with serious injuries. Especially if you have a family to support, you need to get on the road to recovery as soon as possible. So you make the decision to hire a personal injury attorney. What many accident victims… read more

8 Things to Do After a Car Accident

Whether you’re driving to work or you’re driving across the state on a roadtrip with your family, a car accident can be one of the most detrimental occurrences. It can derail your plans for the day if you’re lucky; at worst, it can greatly affect your life for years to come. Here at Metier Law… read more

Truck Accidents 101: Here’s What to Do & Expect After Your Accident

A truck accident is a harrowing, debilitating experience that can leave you feeling emotionally, physically, and financially drained. While a truck accident may seem like any other accident on the road, it’s clear to anyone who has been involved in one that it is very different. The magnitude of a trucking accident can cause far… read more

5 Mistakes Riders Make After a Motorcycle Crash and What You Should Do Instead

As experienced motorcycle accident attorneys, we have seen far too many diligent and cautious motorcycle riders end up with serious injuries due to the negligence of others on the road. We have also seen numerous understandable, but unfortunate, mistakes made after an accident has occurred. In today’s post, we will discuss five common mistakes you… read more

Motorcycle Laws In Colorado: What You Should Know

Whether you’re riding your motorcycle through the beautiful mountains of our state or you’re simply cruising along downtown Fort Collins, there’s nothing quite like the freedom a motorcycle provides you. Motorcycles allow you to feel something completely different than any other mode of transportation does — but they can also be one of the most… read more

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

Following a trucking accident, it’s understandable that you may want to handle the truck crash settlement alone. After all, the accident has likely stolen some of your independence, and you would like to be self-sufficient and in control once again. However, it’s a much better idea for your family, your long-term health, and your bank… read more

Meet Personal Injury Attorney Emily N. Benight

Associate Attorney Personal injury attorneys, by nature, are people who like to help others and serve as a guide and helper during difficult times. If you’ve experienced a personal injury, then you likely know just how much you could use someone in your corner at this time. Personal injury attorney Emily N. Benight could be… read more

6 Myths About Personal Injury Attorneys and Cases

As personal injury attorneys, we’ve heard just about every reason in the book for why people haven’t reached out to us sooner. There are a lot of myths out there about personal injury lawyers and personal injuries in general. In today’s blog, we’re going to dispel six of those common myths so you can make… read more

Why to Choose Metier Law Firm When You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

After a truck accident, you’ll likely experience a wide range of emotions. In a short span of time, you may feel everything from despair to hope and from anger to acceptance. It’s perfectly normal to feel all of these emotions — and many others. Truck accidents are incredibly damaging, sometimes even to the point of… read more

An Overview of Nebraska Motorcycle Laws

There’s no question that Nebraska is one of the most popular states for motorcyclists. But even with the wide plains and open roads, it’s important to understand the state’s motorcycle laws. Keep reading as we take a closer look at rider safety equipment, motorcycle specifications, and rules of the road. Motorcyclist Safety Regulations Let’s get… read more