Authorities Still Investigating Cause Of Accident That Killed Woodland Park High Schooler

High school sophomore Kevin McDonald was traveling to school with his older brother and younger sister on the morning of February 1, when their vehicle was struck by a 2007 Lincoln Navigator attempting to turn left into Pikes Peak Regional Hospital. According to KKTV, the impact of the collision violently forced the Jeep McDonald and his siblings were riding in into a nearby light poll. While his sister and brother suffered only minor injuries, McDonald got the brunt of the impact in the backseat and the 15-year-old died from serious injuries.

At this time, no criminal charges have been filed. The fatal car accident is still being investigated by Colorado State Patrol. They are trying to determine whether the driver of the other vehicle, 60-year-old Laverne Benner, is at fault for the accident. We hope that anybody who witnessed this accident will come forward with any information to aid in their search.

Left Turns: Dangerous Driving Procedure

Left turns can often be a dangerous maneuver to attempt because the driver enters an oncoming lane of traffic. Vehicles in Colorado, as well as many other states, must signal at least 100 feet before intending to make a turn of any kind. However, signaling for the proper length of time does not release a motorist of liability if the turn results in a crash. A driver attempting a left turn must yield to all vehicles traveling towards them, and only attempt the turn if it can be done safely. If a legal case involves a car accident in which a left turn was used, the driver is responsible for proving that they did not act negligently.

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