Should Autocycles Be Considered Automobiles?

There aren’t many of them out there yet, but chances are you’ve seen a least a couple of autocycles out on the open road. Wait, you haven’t? You don’t know what they are? Well, take a seat and we’ll explain just what an autocycle is and why Coloradoans need to know about them.

Are Autocycles Just Three-Wheeled Automobiles?

The Polaris Slingshot is probably the most popular example of what an autocycle is. It has a steering wheel, two bucket seats and three tires—and yet in most of the country it is considered a motorcycle. It’s considered a motorcycle here in Colorado too, but maybe not for much longer.

HB 1044 is a bill that seeks to reclassify autocycles as a motorcycle subtype. So far only 32 other states consider autocycles a motorcycle subtype while two states consider them automobiles. All the rest consider them plain old motorcycles.

These distinctions may seem arbitrary at first, but they could have an effect the production of these vehicles. This bill requires autocycles to have safety measures like seat belts and child safety seat restraints. It removes the requirement that an autocycle must have a roof that supports the weight of the vehicle when it is upside down, and it would amend a part of Colorado law that requires autocycles to have airbags.

These changes could make Colorado’s streets a lot friendlier for this type of vehicle, and that means you could see even more real soon. Right now, only around 100 autocycles are registered in our state, but that number could increase if this new bill comes into effect.

What do you think? Should autocycles be treated more like motorcycles or automobiles? Head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details and follow our blog to see what our motorcycling attorneys think about these latest developments in Colorado’s motorcycling laws.

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