A Nationwide Ban On Cell Phone Use While Driving?

We all know how dangerous it is to use our cell phones while driving. At least we should, after all the publicity it has generated. From talking to texting to now surfing the web, we can do it all while driving. We just cannot do it safely.

In a move that is bound to upset some people, the National Transportation Safety Board called for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and text messaging devices while driving. If put into effect, the ban would outlaw non-emergency phone calls and texting by operators of every vehicle on the road.

The ban would cover hands-free as well as hand-held devices, with only devices installed by the vehicle manufacturer being allowed.

According to the NHTSA, around 3,092 roadway fatalities last year involved distracted drivers. The organization believes the number could be much higher.

“This (distracted driving) is becoming the new DUI. It’s becoming epidemic,” said NTSB member Robert Sumwalt.

The NHTSA chairwoman Deborah Hersman pointed out that while it may inconvenience some drivers, the ban would be worth it to save lives.

“Needless lives are lost on our highways, and for what? Convenience? Death isn’t convenient,” Hersman said. “So we can stay more connected? A fatal accident severs that connection.”

Has your smart phone led to an avoidable auto accident?

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