Can Your Car Prevent Distracted Driving?

Have you heard of Knight Rider? We are coming to a time when not many people may recognize this classic 80’s television show, and yet the technology of today is catching up to the science fiction of that show. Now researchers may be using the technology of fiction to make cars smarter and stop distracted driving.

Making a Car That Stops Distracted Driving

In Knight Rider, Michael Knight and his partner—KITT a wise-cracking Firebird—fight crime on a weekly basis. While protecting and defending, the two would often share life lessons, KITT learning more about humanity, and Michael learning wisdom from his A.I. partner. Could you imagine having the same dynamic with your car?

Well a research group in Canada is developing car technology to do just that, and it could be used to end distracted driving. The University of Waterloo’s Centre for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence is using cameras and computers to track if drivers are distracted. Using multiple samples and data, the group’s program can tell when a driver is distracted. This could allow your car to either alert you when your attention isn’t where it should be, or intervene if danger should emerge while your attention is somewhere else.

How Big Is the Distracted Driving Problem?

According to NHTSA, around 80 percent of traffic accidents are caused by distracted drivers. That means this issue can’t be ignored, and technology may just what we need to fight it. With more auto companies designing autonomous vehicles, distracted driving detection is becoming a new niche in car design.

Several auto manufacturers are rumored to be looking into eye monitoring systems that can tell if you are looking away, or if your eyes are still on the road. However, the system being researched at Waterloo considers the drivers full body, and they believe this will allow the system to make fewer mistakes.

Do you think this technology is the right way to solve the distracted driving problem? How much longer till these solutions make their way into our vehicles? Keep following our Colorado safety lawyer blog to learn more about distracted driving and how to stop it.