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Can Denver Fight Off a Traffic Fatality Trend?

Anxious parents of an accident casualty talking with the policeLast year was a tough year for traffic fatalities all across Colorado. At least 605 people died on roadways in our state, but did you know that 61 of those deaths happened in Denver? This shocking number has city officials scrambling, and the mayor is ready to take measures to bring this number down to zero.

How Will Denver Stop Its Traffic Fatality Trend?

So far, in 2017, another 41 people have died in traffic accidents all over Denver. According to the mayor’s office, around 50 percent of the traffic deaths in the city happened on 5 percent of Denver’s streets. Officials also claim that a significant portion of these fatalities were pedestrians.

Colorado State Patrol is focusing on the recent spike in distracted driving to take control of traffic fatalities around the state. But in Denver, Mayor Michael Hancock has set his sights on other emergent problems. The mayor blames these tragedies on poor lighting around the city, drivers not stopping appropriately and people speeding. This has led him to join the Vision Zero initiative that has been sweeping through cities all over the country.

What Is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero aspires to end traffic fatalities and major traffic injuries by encouraging collaboration between community partners, state partners, city agencies and residents. In Denver, this means a 70-point action plan that will attempt to reduce traffic death to zero by the year 2030.

This plan could see intersections redesigned, stiffer penalties for traffic violations, more crosswalks, lower speed limits and a seatbelt law for the drivers of Denver. Do you think these measures will make the city safer? Do you think other Colorado communities could benefit from Vision Zero action plans? The motor vehicle accident attorneys at Metier Law Firm hope so—we’ll keep following the numbers to help keep you informed and safe.