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Should Denver Police Pay for a Three Year Old Traffic Collision?

On February 20, 2015, a woman driving her Toyota Camry through the intersection of East Colfax Avenue and Washington Street in Denver was struck. The vehicle that collided with her car was a 2014 Ford Explorer police cruiser. The crash left the woman’s vehicle totaled, and video shows the officer running a red light without lights or sirens activated. Yet, the City of Denver has yet to pay for the almost three-year-old traffic collision.

Why Has Denver Police Not Paid for a Three-Year-Old Traffic Collision?

The man who was driving the police Explorer is a decorated officer. In 2014, he was honored alongside several of his fellow officers for risking his life in a hostage crisis. However, since 2006, the officer has been reprimanded for three other preventable accidents.

When first confronted by the woman his police vehicle collided with, the officer allegedly told her that he thought the light was still green. An investigation by the Denver Police Department revealed video that supported the woman’s claim that the police vehicle ran a red light. But the City of Denver has yet to pay for the damages caused that day.

City officials are at odds with the crash victim over the cost of damages from the crash. This has left the victim, who now lives in Florida, in dire financial circumstances for almost two years, but things may be changing soon. This case has been scheduled to go before a jury in April, which means the dispute over damages could soon be laid to rest.

Do you think the victim in this crash will finally receive compensation? How long do you think the trial will last? The Colorado injury lawyers at Metier Law Firm will continue to monitor this case to see if justice is served.