New Regulation Requires Rear View Cameras

A new regulation by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will mandate that all vehicles under 10,000 pounds feature rear view cameras by May of 2018. According to the release, children and seniors seem to be most at risk for back over accidents.

“As a father, I can only imagine how heart-wrenching these types of accidents can be for families, but we hope that today’s rule will serve as a significant step toward reducing these tragic accidents,” said the Secretary of Transportation.

The rear view cameras must make visible the 10 by 20-foot area behind the vehicle, which is normally not accessible through rear view mirrors. “Rear visibility requirements will save lives, and will save many families from the heartache suffered after these tragic incidents occur,” said the NHTSA Acting Administrator. “We’re already recommending this kind of life-saving technology through our NCAP program and encouraging consumers to consider it when buying cars today.”

While the regulation is a step in the right direction, May of 2018 is still a long way off. Until rear view camera systems are an industry standard, many of our nation’s children are still at risk walking around residential neighborhoods.

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[Did You Know: According to NHTSA, roughly one-third of backover accidents involve victims under the age of five.]

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