Safe Ride Home For Nebraskans

Nebraska is seeing a resurgence of anti DUI efforts in an attempt to avoid unnecessary auto accidents during what can often be the most dangerous time of the year.

With the extra funding provided by federal grants, various law enforcement agencies will be stepping up their patrols, running DUI checkpoints and working overtime.

The Nebraska Unicameral recently passed legislation that will increase jail time and fine potential for DUI’s, but the laws will not take effect until the first of the year. When they do, DUI offenses will remain on a person’s record for 15 years instead of 12.

Haupton O’Brien Wolf and Lathrop is a sponsoring a “Safe Ride Home” program once again with Happy Cab, where anyone can call the cab company to request a ride home. All they have to do is mention they are calling for the “safe ride home.” At no charge, the person will be taken from the bar or party locations to their home, as long as no other stops are included.

Festivities and holiday cheer make this time of year exciting, and it is nice to know that people can get a ride home if they need one.

If you have a company and are planning a party, it is important to remember that laws are still in effect even if company rules are not. The law firm of Kesluk & Silverstein discussed this last week. Remember, the “Safe Ride Home” can be used for your employees, too.

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