Tie One On For Safety In Nebraska

Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska held a press conference last month along with the first lady, Sally Ganem and members of the Nebraska State Patrol to pledge their support for the “Tie One on for Safety” campaign. In an effort to combat drunken driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving created the campaign, calling on motorists to tie a red ribbon around their antennas in support of law enforcement crackdown efforts and as a pledge to drive safely and soberly over the holidays.

At the conference, Ganem tied a red ribbon around the antenna of a police car, inviting others to do the same on their own vehicles.

“This is a symbol of our commitment to our law enforcement and to preventing drunk driving,” Heineman said.

The Governor announced results from a MADD report giving Nebraska the highest rating in its efforts to combat drunken driving.

One member of a family hurt by drunken driving told the story of his loss. Todd Calfee told the story of the death of his daughter, Alexis, at the hand of an allegedly drunken driver. Alexis, 18, and her boyfriend, Chris Oberg, 18, were on a motorcycle ride September 9 when they were struck by a car, which killed both of them.

“It tears your heart apart,” Calfee said. “This was 100 percent preventable.”

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