Avon Truck Accident Erupts into Massive Fireball

Three people survived a Colorado truck accident that local firefighters are calling one of the worst they have ever seen.

On May 13, a semi-truck drove off the edge of the I-70 overpass and landed on a Honda CR-V. The truck driver died; his passenger and the two occupants of the Honda survived. Using what responding firefighter Mick Woodworth called “superhuman strength” that comes through in emergency situations, the Honda passenger got his girlfriend (the driver) out of the car just in time.

“When we finally saw the northern side of the wreck, it was amazing that anybody was, could’ve gotten out of that car,” Woodworth said.

Witnesses say it was a miracle that anyone could have survived the explosive wreck.

Avon resident Will Miller was outside at a nearby café when he heard the accident.

“It sounded like a train pileup,” Miller said. “The way the fireball went up it looked like something from the movies.” Officials estimate that flames rose roughly 200 feet in the air following the explosion.

Woodworth has been fighting fires with the Eagle River Fire Protection District since 2005. He said that this accident is the second worst he has ever seen.

Traffic was closed for several hours on the day of the accident. Officials determined that the overpass is safe to drive on. Law enforcement officials are currently investigating why the truck driver drove off the overpass.

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  1. It is surprising that only one person died in such a devastating accident. Truck drivers have potential to cause catastrophic accidents with their cargo, especially if they are transporting volatile materials. We are glad to see that most of the people involved in the accident miraculously survived without any major injuries.

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