Barbed Wire Injures Experienced Cyclist

Jacquie Carpenter has been cycling for more than 25 years. The 55-year-old cyclist said she will adjust her biking habits after a freak bicycle crash on the Mary Carter Greenway Trail in South Platte Park.

“I love [biking], but this is going to change the way I ride,” she said.

She was riding on the path just after 6 pm when she passed someone who tried to warn her about the approaching hazard, but it was too late for her to react. The hazard was a string of barbed wire stretched between two wooden posts about a foot above the ground. Carpenter hit the wire and crashed her bicycle.

“My helmet took most of the blow,” she told the Denver Post. “It really could have killed somebody.” Carpenter is currently recovering from injured ribs and scrapes.

She told Littleton Police about the barbed wire, and officers are currently investigating the hazard. As of now, there are no leads or suspects.

While seemingly premeditated obstacles like this are rare, cyclists must always be on the lookout for obstructions in the path, such as raised roots, fallen trees or holes in the ground. We suggest that all bikers use a headlamp after the sun begins to set.

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