Be Careful Out On The Road This Fourth Of July

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and like many people in the United States, you may be planning to spend the day celebrating with your family and/or friends. The Fourth is a wonderful holiday that celebrates the founding of this country with food, fireworks and festivities.

Inevitably, as with any major holiday, the Fourth of July usually offers workers a day away from the grind and a chance to unwind with friends and family at home and/or while out and about. It’s a time that allows folks to enjoy some exciting festivities and let loose. Often letting loose will involve drinking alcohol, which is perfectly fine as long as it is done responsibly.

However, it is never responsible to get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. Unfortunately, though, that does not stop some people from doing it anyway, and on a holiday like the Fourth, it is an even more prevalent occurrence. According to data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over the Fourth of July from 2007 to 2011, 780 people died in accidents involving drivers who had a blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher, which accounted for 40 percent of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities over the same 5-year period.

With such a staggering increase in drunk driving and fatal accidents, be extra careful out on the road this Fourth of July. Even if a wreck involving a drunk driver isn’t fatal, it can still lead to catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. To discuss your case with our national accident lawyer, call us today at (866) 377-3800 for a free consultation.

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