What Are the Best Movies About Brain Injuries?

Several movies have been made that tell the stories of people who have suffered brain injuries. Each story is different, but many of the same themes are present throughout each movie, namely perseverance against a life changing injury. We can learn a lot from these films.

My Beautiful Broken Brain: My Beautiful Broken Brain is a documentary detailing the recovery of filmmaker Lotje Sodderland. Lotje suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that left her with sensory perception issues and an inability to communicate. The documentary filmed the process of her recovery. For those interested in how people recover from brain injuries, this documentary is worth watching on Netflix.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: This biopic and drama film details the life of French editor Jean-Dominique Bauby after he suffered a stroke. Bauby’s stroke was so damaging, it left him with ‘locked-in syndrome’, a condition where most people are only able to communicate while blinking. Despite his injuries, Bauby dictated a book (also called The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) by blinking only his left eyelid.

The Lookout: The Lookout is a crime-action drama film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In the film, Gordon-Levitt plays a high school teenager who sustained a traumatic brain injury during a car accident. After surviving the wreck, Gordon-Levitt’s character struggles to readjust to society. While working at a bank, some old ‘friends’ from school try to coax him into a heist. Does he do it? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

Why Movies About Brain Injuries Are Interesting

All of the characters and people from these films have been placed in extraordinary circumstances due to their injuries.

By watching these movies, we can learn how individuals with brain injuries overcome enormous obstacles. Jean-Dominique Bauby dictated a full-length book by blinking, Lotje Sodderland helped create a documentary despite being unable to communicate. These are inspirational feats of ingenuity that deserve more attention.

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  1. These look very interesting! Thanks for the suggestions. Not many people really understand the struggle people with brain injuries have to go through every day. Hopefully, the popularity of these films will spread awareness.

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