What Are the Best Winter Upgrades for My Bike?

Wrenching on his motorcycle

Wrenching on his motorcycleThanksgiving has come and gone, and with it goes the last remaining days of fall. That means riding season has all but ended, and it’s time to tuck your bike away until spring. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop having fun with two-wheeled steed. The offseason is also the time to pull out your wrench and start those winter upgrades, but what is the best upgrade for your ride?

The Best Winter Upgrades for Your Motorcycle

Do you like riding long distances? Does the open road call for you every time spring arrives, and you can’t help but to roll hundreds of miles under tire? Well, here are some upgrades you should consider:

  • Tires– It would stink to get out on that long ride just to find out your old tires are bald. Switch those out for some new rubber.
  • New Bars– The perfect addition to your bike to make the ride more comfortable is a new set of handlebars. This upgrade can change your riding position, allowing you to ride longer and further.
  • New Seat– Another essential for a long ride is a comfortable cushion. If you plan on tackling an Iron Butt challenge next spring, a little dose of plush seating could make the journey a bit more pleasant.

For the rider who enjoys turning a wrench, here are some upgrades to scratch you mechanic’s itch:

  • New Exhaust– This upgrade is pretty simple, but nothing beats the exhaust note and the improved performance of an exhaust system. But be warned, make sure you are following local ordinances when you put your new system on.
  • Parts Replacements– Years of wear and tear can cause a few parts on you bike to fail. This is the perfect time of the year not only to replace those broken parts, but to upgrade them. Clutch spring a leak? Throw a new Brembo master cylinder on. Chip in your windscreen? Maybe a Puig touring windscreen is in your future.
  • New Parts– New wheels can reduce rolling weight and make your bike run more efficiently. New suspension, such as Öhlins, can smooth out that bumpy ride. Larger airboxes, or even a forced induction system can improve horsepower and gas mileage with the right tune. Maybe a Power Commander is all your bike needs to improve your ride.

Winter isn’t simply the end of the riding season. It’s the beginning of your next motorcycling adventure. The attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm want to remind you to be safe while you’re upgrading your bike. And remember, if the project gets out of hand, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

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