Bicycle Accidents On the Rise in Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins, a bike friendly college town in Colorado, has experienced a remarkable increase in the number of bicycle accidents in recent years. Indeed, the rate of bicycle to car crashes has increased 30 percent over the past decade according to The Colorodoan.

A municipal report recently released shows the fault leaning on the side of the motorists. For instance, 57 percent of bicycle to car crashes are the motorists fault compared to 43 percent by the cyclist. The fault is mutual in only 25 percent of cases. The intersections of City Park avenue and Elizabeth street, College avenue and Drake road are the top crash locations. Most of said collisions are occurring at 90 degree angles, often while a cyclist is using a crosswalk.

Roads running east/west, such as Harmony Road, are also especially dangerous due to of the blinding effect of the setting sun. According to the captain of the Poudre Valley EMS, on Harmony Road “There’s not a lot of room for error” because the posted speed limit is 40 miles per hour and “speed has everything to do with schematics and injury.”

The captain claims that the actual rate of collisions is higher than reported because most crashes are reported by third party witnesses dialing 9-1-1.

The city is making strides towards improving the safety of its roads for cyclists. Firstly, there are free traffic skills classes. Students learn how to do routine safety checks and avoid collisions. In addition, there is a Stop as Yield law in the works that would allow for cyclists to stay in motion at a stop sign thereby making avoidance maneuvers easier.

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