A Big PPIHC Sponsor Stays On: Is This A Good Sign For The Race?

June 26th will be the next running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This year will be the 100th anniversary of the race that started thrilling spectators from around the world back in 1916, and it is the second oldest motor sports event in America, right behind the Indy 500. However, the race has seen several accidents over the past couple of years that have put the honored event in jeopardy. Can PPIHC bounce back in 2016?

A Big PPIHC Sponsor Stays On!

On January 18th the world famous Broadmoor Hotel announced that it will continue to sponsor the race to the cloud through 2022, which will be the 100th running of the race. The founder of the Broadmoor­—Spencer Penrose—also founded the Pikes Peak Highway, El Pomar Foundation, and the PPIHC itself. The Chairman of the Hill Climb, Tom Osborne, is thrilled to see Penrose’s legacy continue.

2022 will be the 100th Race to the Clouds, even though the race will celebrate its 100th birthday this year. However, times have been turbulent for the race. Recently, two motorcycle racers tragically lost their lives while racing in the PPIHC, and worries over whether or not the motorcycle racing program would be cancelled started flying.

Will Motorcycles Continue To Race Up Pikes Peak?

The PPIHC racing committee released a rule that essentially banned superbikes from racing up the mountain in hopes of keeping the motorcycle division, and despite a tepid response from racers, the sponsors of the race seem to be responding positively.

With this new lease on life, will the PPIHC continue to grow? Will the new rule changes make the motorcycling division safer? Will you be going to the 2016 100th Anniversary Race? Post your comments and answers on Twitter and Facebook, plus keep an eye on our blog for more updates.

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