Air Force Implements Changes for Motorcyclists

In September, the Air Force implemented changes to its traffic safety program that affect motorcyclists and cyclists. According to the Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group (CSMNG), the 50th Space Wing Safety Office put the changes to Air Force Instruction 91-207 (AFI), the U.S. Air Force Traffic Safety Program, into effect on September 12.

“The changes now put the Air Force in line with all other services’ personal protective equipment requirements when riding a motorcycle,” Air Force Motorcycle Program Manager Arthur Albert told CSMNG.

The changes implemented for motorcyclists include a requirement for sport bike riders to take a sport bike specific advanced rider course. The cost of the course will be reimbursable and fulfill requirements for both sport bikes and non-sport bikes. In addition to the advanced rider course requirement, an optional but highly encouraged requirement for motorcyclists to wear fluorescent clothing was also added to the AFI.

“A 10-year study of Air Force fatalities showed that more than 70 percent of mishaps involving two vehicles were frontal collisions,” said Albert. “The motorcycle was traveling towards the other vehicle, and if the driver failed to see the lights, it is a safe assumption that they would not have seen bright colors on the rider.”

While practicing safe riding habits and having the proper training are things that every motorcyclist should do before venturing out on the road, even when a motorcyclist rides the right way, the mistakes of another motorist can still cause them to have an accident.

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[Did You Know?: The typical motorcycle accident allows the rider less than two seconds to complete all collision avoidance actions.]

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