Am I Liable for a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road, due to a lack of safety features like seatbelts and airbags. Distracted drivers can be a huge danger to motorcyclists, but more than 40 percent of motorcycle fatalities are single-vehicle collisions.

On Saturday, August 3, a Texas man was fatally injured after he lost control of his motorcycle while traveling eastbound on Larimer County Road. Police are still investigating what may have caused the accident, but no other vehicles were involved.

What Caused My Motorcycle Accident?

A variety of factors can impact riders, including road conditions, faulty repairs, motorcycle defects and poorly maintained roads. These may seem like minor inconveniences to drivers, but any one of these could cause a rider to lose control of his bike, ejecting him or leaving him at the mercy of oncoming traffic.

In the last two months, Harley-Davidson has recalled almost 70,000 motorcycles for dangerous defects, including problems with brake lines and ignition switches. These could cause the bikes to lock up unexpectedly, putting the driver at serious risk.

Even if you were alone at the time of your accident, an external factor might have caused your injuries. If that may be the case, it is important to preserve your crashed bike until a trusted expert can examine it.

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