Antilock Brakes Could Save Lives, Study Says

Getting a motorcycle with anti-lock brakes decreases your chances of getting into a fatal accident by 37 percent, according to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Antilock brake systems (ABS) offer a more controlled response to sudden braking. Without ABS, a hard brake can cause the wheels to lock and the motorcycle to spin out and tip over. ABS can sense when the wheels are about to lock up and release pressure on the wheels to keep the bike in control. Once the rider regains traction, the ABS kicks in and applies more pressure to the wheels.

In the US, most manufacturers include ABS options on their large and midlevel motorcycles, while more and more entry-level motorcycles are coming equipped with ABS. Pending legislation in Europe could require ABS to come standard on all motorbikes by 2016.

Braking on a motorcycle is more involved than braking in a car, since motorcycles typically have two separate controls for the front and back wheel. Wider use of ABS on motorcycles would prevent countless motorcycle accidents, along with more classes on motorcycle safety.

The IIHS is a non-profit organization funded by auto insurers to research automobile accidents and determine safer solutions.

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