Automobile Intentionally Runs Motorcyclist Off Road

A Longmont, Colorado man is recovering from injuries sustained when the driver of a late-model Pontiac intentionally ran him off the road on Saturday, June 5, 2011.

Hobert Bohm was driving home from work on Colo. 119, which is his usual route home. At about 5:20 p.m. he stopped in the right lane at a red light. The Pontiac was in the left lane. Bohm made brief eye contact with the driver then accelerated normally when the light turned green. The Pontiac passed Bohm and cut into his lane inches from his bike. Bohm gave the Pontiac the finger at which point the driver slammed on his brakes. Bohm made several attempts to pass the Pontiac and the driver of the other vehicle refused to let him pass. When Bohm finally got around the car, the driver steered toward the Harley and the driver’s side mirror clipped the handlebars, which sent him into the ditch.

When Bohm emerged from the ditch, he saw that the Pontiac had pulled over. But the driver drove off when he saw Bohm get out of the ditch.

None of the witnesses got a license plate number, but Bohm got a good look at the driver who he described as a white male with short dark hair. There was also a blonde female in the passenger seat and a baby in a car seat.

Police are looking for any information on the driver of the silver Pontiac and anyone with information is asked to call the Colorado State Patrol.

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