Avoiding Rider Distractions

Most of the coverage given to distracted driving (including blog posts by certain Denver injury attorneys) focuses on preventing car accidents. Inside the confines of a car or van, drivers have more space to handle food, papers, electronic devices, radio controls and temperature settings. They also might have other passengers to distract them.

Motorcycles might not have as many distractions to deal with, but there are a few. For example:

  • Headphones. There are plenty of headphones specifically designed to fit inside a motorcycle helmet, and these can either distract the rider or block out important sounds they might need to hear, like an approaching ambulance.
  • Passengers. If you have a passenger on your bike, communicating with him or her may cause you to lose focus on the road. A wireless communication devices, usually worn inside the helmet, is a safer alternative.
  • Scenery. Part of the reason we ride is so we can fully experience the road: the wind, the curves, the beautiful vistas. For the more beautiful vistas, pull over for a longer look instead of constantly averting your eyes from the road.

Do your part to prevent distracted driving motorcycle accidents. Enjoy the ride, but stay focused at the same time. If you do sustain injuries in a motorcycle accident, give us a call: (866) 377-3800. We offer no obligation, free consultations to go over your accident.

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