Broomfield Man Suffers Fatal Motorcycle Accident

A 50-year-old Broomfield man died in a motorcycle collision on Saturday, October 4.

According to reports from the Colorado Highway Patrol, the man was riding westbound on U.S. 24 when the accident occurred. About 12 miles east of Buena Vista, the man tried to pass using a passing zone when he was hit by an oncoming car.

A Honda Pilot traveling eastbound sideswiped the rider, throwing him from his bike. Both motorcycle and rider went off the right side of the road and came to rest on the shoulder.

The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet and eye protection, but unfortunately, they were not enough to save his life. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Honda driver stayed in the area and spoke with police officers. The case is still under investigation, but police do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor.

Compared to drivers, motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road. Even low speed collisions with a distracted driver can lead to broken bones, paralysis and even brain injury.

Fatal accidents like this one may seem serious to some, but reckless drivers can face very few consequences. Without drug or alcohol involvement, drivers often plead guilty to misdemeanor traffic offenses, like careless driving and failure to yield.

Who Can I Turn to for Legal Advice After a Motorcycle Accident?

Unfortunately, there is very little motorcyclists can do to protect themselves from reckless drivers on the road. However, the right attorney can help injured riders hold these individuals accountable in a court of law.

If your injuries were caused by a negligent or distracted driver, the motorcycle attorneys at Metier Law Firm could help you get justice and fair compensation. Call today to discuss your motorcycle accident. We would love to hear from you.

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