Car Collides with Motorcycle While Merging

A 66-year-old Loveland motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital after being thrown from his motorcycle on September 9.

The rider was traveling north on North Garfield Avenue when a Toyota Camry merged into his lane. The 83-year-old driver failed to notice the motorcyclist and the two collided.

The driver did not sustain any injuries, but the motorcyclist was transported to an area hospital. There have been no updates on his condition.

Loveland’s technical crash investigation team does not believe that alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident, but the police may still press charges.

Cars merging can put riders in an extremely dangerous position. Drivers may miss motorcycles when they check their mirrors, due to the bikes’ small size, causing them to swerve or brake quickly in front of a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle riders do not have safety features like seatbelts, airbags or doors, leaving them extremely vulnerable to serious injury. Even low-speed collisions can be dangerous, and highway accidents can be fatal.

I Was injured in a Motorcycle Accident! What Are My Legal Options?

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[Did You Know: Each year, there are over 200,000 lane-changing and merging traffic accidents. Over 200 of them result in deaths.]

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