Check Your Bike Before You Go

If you plan on taking a road trip on your motorcycle, there are a few things that are worth your time to check before you go.

Making certain your bike is in good shape should be your first priority. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation created a checklist you can use called the T-CLOCS Inspection Checklist. Each letter stands for an area to inspect before you leave.

  • Tires And Wheels – check air pressure, tread, spokes, bearings, brakes
  • Controls – check levers, switches, pedal, cables, hoses, throttle
  • Lights – check battery, headlamp, tail lamp/brake lamp, turn signals, mirrors, lenses, reflectors, wiring
  • Oil – check oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, fuel levels (look for leaks)
  • Chassis – check frame, adjust suspension for any passenger or load, chain or belt, and fasteners
  • Stands – check the tension spring on both center and side

Making certain your bike is in good running order is vital to guaranteeing a safe and stress-free trip. Obviously, you would not check all of this every time you make a trip down to the store. But if you are planning a significant excursion, being certain of your bike’s condition can mean a trip free from motorcycle accidents.

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