Colorado Springs Crash Leaves Four Motorcyclists Injured

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An August 18 motorcycle accident landed four motorcyclists in the hospital with serious injuries, according to KOAA NBC News 5. The police reported that before 10 a.m., two motorcycles, each carrying two people, were headed east on Platte Ave. As they approached the intersection of Platte and Wooten Road, a truck traveling west on Platte suddenly turned onto Wooten in front of them.

The motorcycles were unable to avoid an accident as a result of the truck’s turn. One of the motorcycles hit a trailer the truck was towing, and the other motorcycle was turned over onto the ground as the driver attempted to avoid the crash. All four of the motorcyclists sustained serious injuries in the wreck. The driver of the truck, however, was not injured.

Sometimes motorcyclists are forced into no win situations like this, where they are doing everything right, but because of another motorist’s negligence, they are still involved in an accident. As motorcycle riders and enthusiasts themselves, our attorneys understand what it is like to be put in a position like this. However, unlike most motorcyclists, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to bring those at fault to justice.

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