Crash Victim Meets His Benefactors

We talked last week about a Colorado Springs motorcycle driver who hit a deer in the middle of I-25. Because of an 11 News story about his accident, the crash victim was able to meet the Good Samaritans that might have saved his life.

Joe Carlson did not even know what had happened. One moment he was cruising along I-25 at 75 mph, the next he was laying in the middle of the interstate next to a deer. If several people had not pulled over to help him and his bike out of the road, there is no telling what would have happened.

Tyler Farris and Max Cutchen were two of those Samaritans. Annapolis juniors in town for a football game, they happened to see Carlson’s story on TV. After some persuading from friends, the two men came forward to meet him.

“It’s the closure of the day. I mean, it’s really very good that we see people that really cared that did something rather than just drive by actually did something,” Carlson said.

It is good to see that this motorcycle accident had a happy ending.

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