Dallas Motorist’s Failure To Stop Results In Fatal Motorcycle Accident

A motorcyclist traveling down Interstate 20 on April 27 in Dallas, near the Duncanville-Dallas line, was struck by another vehicle when she had to stop abruptly. The impact threw her from her bike, killing her in the process.

Police found the woman lying in the road, surrounded by several vehicles. The woman appeared to be traveling with several other motorcyclists  when she was forced to stop and was hit from behind by an Acura TL. Investigators reported that the woman driving the Acura was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. She was also taken into custody for criminal negligent homicide.

Some tragedies can be avoided by motorists avoiding riding too close to motorcyclists.  Motorcycles stop faster than a car or truck. Generally speaking, a motorcyclist’s reaction time when stopping is faster, because a motorcycle’s brakes take less time to activate. A motorcycle accident like this can leave victims and families confused about how to proceed when seeking justice. Our national accident attorneys are there to help you through such a difficult time. Please call (866) 377-3800 and speak with us today.

[Toms Tips: When riding a motorcycle in traffic, ride in a lower gear. Riding this way gives you the option to use your brakes to fall behind and move forward if necessary.]

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