Drunk Driver Kills Couple on Motorcycle

A Peoria couple is dead after a drunk driver slammed into their motorcycle then fled the scene early Sunday.

Michael “Korey” Korenchuk and his wife Rachel were riding their Harley-Davidson around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, August 7 when they stopped behind another vehicle at a red light. An SUV slammed into them from behind and pushed them into the vehicle in front of them, which was also an SUV. The driver that hit them, Jeffrey Kallister, then drove off.

The thing is, Kallister either had to have driven around the crash or actually pulled a U-turn to get away from the scene, so it’s not like he can say that he didn’t realize he’d hit something. Apparently, he also sought medical care because the police caught up with him about an hour later at Proctor Hospital. Kallister was arrested on two counts of reckless homicide, one count of driving under the influence and other violations.

Korey Korenchuk died at the scene. Rachel was rushed to OSF St. Francis Medical Center where she died in surgery.

In a strange twist, the driver of the vehicle in front of the Korenchuks, was also arrested for driving under the influence.

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