Food Possible Cause of Alleged Murder-Suicide on Mormon Lake

Over 2,000 motorcyclists got together at Mormon Lake on Friday, July 22, 2011 for the “Too Broke for Sturgis” rally sponsored by ABATE, a non-profit motorcycle rights organization. Before the night was out three were dead and one seriously injured in what police suspect was a murder-suicide… over food.

It is believed that the people involved were all friends because they were all from the Phoenix, AZ area and part of the same travelling party.  It’s not clear exactly what the nature of the food argument was, only that witnesses observed that there appeared to be some issue about it that could have led to the shooting. Detectives also speculate that alcohol was involved, which makes sense.

If they are friends and if there was an argument, alcohol could have easily inflamed the situation —  especially if there was already bad blood between them.  The argument might have started out about food, but ended up about something else entirely.

Two of the victims were husband and wife, Edgar and Trina Atzin, 45 and 43, who both died. The third victim, an unidentified 33-year-old woman was shot six times and survived.  The fourth victim, Christian Tejada, 38, was found some distance away from the others with a single gunshot wound under his chin and a handgun close to one of his hands.

After the incident, organizers cancelled the rally and the shooting is still under investigation.

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