For Motorcyclists: Avoid Distracted Drivers

On Monday we wrote about the fatal motorcycle accident that killed Phil Sorenson, 33, of Sioux Falls, SD. The driver who crashed into his motorcycle was texting while driving 30 MPH over the speed limit.

Distracted drivers pose an immense threat to everyone on the road: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that using a cell phone while driving can divert up to 37 percent of the driver’s attention away from the road; in 2010, 18 percent of all traffic injuries involved distracted drivers.

As a motorcyclist, there are some ways to avoid distracted drivers.

  • Brighter colors. Black is the color of choice for both bikers and their gear, but brighter colors are far more functional. Drivers are more likely to see you if you wear bright greens or blues instead of black.
  • Do not assume the driver sees you. If a car is pulling out from the side or turning left in front of you, err on the side of caution, especially late at night. If you see a car about to pull in front of you, move to another lane to make room or slow down.
  • Bright lights. Since many motorcycles are equipped with quieter horns, your best bet might be to flash your brights at any vehicle that looks like it could cut you off or cause a motorcycle accident. You could also install a louder horn.

There are plenty of distractions facing motorists today – phones, dashboard controls, food and other passengers, to name a few. In our next post, we will look at distractions facing bikers.

Did a distracted driver injure someone you know in a motorcycle accident? If so, give us a call. We are riders ourselves, and we might be able to help. The first phone call is free.

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