Injured Bike Officer Gets Help From Friends

Denise Dougherty was surprised to see a police officer at her door on September 24, and was shocked to hear her husband, motorcycle officer Joe Dougherty, had been hit by an alleged drunk driver while on duty.

“The hardest part was driving by (the scene) on the way to the hospital…seeing his boots and his radio laying in the middle of the highway and not knowing what kind of condition he was in,” Denise Dougherty said.

Joe survived the accident and is now trying to get his life back on track. He has endured three separate trauma surgeries to recover from six broken bones and severe internal injuries, and faces more in the future. Health insurance will probably cover most of his hospital bills, but now that he is on disability, his income is only a fraction of what it was.

Fortunately, the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 16, is trying to help the Dougherty family. According to FOP treasurer Robin Danni, the response to Joe’s plight has been amazing. Those in blue, both state and nationwide, have responded to help.

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