Man On Motorcycle Survives Hitting Deer At 75 MPH

Occasionally, the actions of strangers help remind us that people are still capable of kindness in difficult situations. A Colorado Springs man discovered this fact last week when good Samaritans helped him after he had a motorcycle accident.

Joe Carlson, an army veteran who served in Vietnam, was riding his motorcycle at around 75 mph on I-25 when he suddenly found himself sliding along the pavement, his bike receding behind him.

Carlson had hit a deer. He did not remain in the road for long, though, before people stopped their cars and pulled him from the road, taking care of him until paramedics arrived. They even pulled his bike out of traffic.

“Face it, 75 mph straight on into a deer, you should be toast,” Carlson said, “There should’ve been a car behind you, which would’ve driven over you.”

Carlson feels incredibly grateful for the help he received after the accident. “I want to really thank the Samaritans…I mean that’s just absolutely terrific. It’s just wow, if they ever step forward I want to hug them and get to know them and such like that,” Carlson said.

Joe Carlson is a lucky man, and it is nice to see that there are concerned drivers looking out for motorcyclists.

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