Michigan Police Suspect Another Vehicle Was Involved In A Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Police from Fruitport Township, Michigan are looking for suspects linked to a motorcycle accident that took place on May 7. Police are urging eyewitnesses to come forth, as they suspect another vehicle was involved, possibly a semitrailer, in the fatal motorcycle accident. According to police, the motorcycle rider died at the hospital due to multiple internal injuries. Public Safety Director Ken Doctor released a statement saying that initial signs suggest there may have been another vehicle involved, based on tire tracks found at the scene.

Accidents involving semi-trucks are often more complex, as both the driver and the trucking company operating the vehicle can be held responsible for negligence. Even though an investigation is still ongoing, this is a tragic example of how drivers should be looking out for motorcyclists on the road.

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[Tom’s Tips: When approaching a car about to make a left turn, turn your brights on to get noticed. Most accidents happen when the car does not notice a motorcycle during a left turn.]

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