Mother of Fatal Motorcycle Crash Victim Urges Caution

Dustin Lord, 24, was killed in a motorcycle accident in June and now his mother is advocating for motorists to be more aware of motorcycles when driving, according to CBC News. The driver of a SUV was at fault for Lord’s accident. The driver made a left turn into oncoming traffic, which resulted in Lord’s fatal motorcycle wreck.

“People don’t see bikes, they don’t look for bikes,” said Cheryl Lord, Dustin’s mother.

On Prince Edward Island, Canada, where Lord’s accident occurred, four motorcyclists have died in wrecks this year. In nearby Nova Scotia, nine motorcyclists have died in fatal motorcycle accidents during the same timeframe. Ed Snow, motorcycle training manager for Safety Services Nova Scotia, believes it will take more than just driver caution to decrease those death tolls in the years to come.

“People tend to forget,” said Snow. “After October they don’t see motorcycles again till April, May or June. They tend to forget they’re out there, so I think we need to get more signage out there, you know more education and more awareness.”

Motorists must do a much better job of sharing the road with motorcyclists, because too often their mistakes are leading to motorcycle accidents that they are walking away from but many motorcyclists are not.

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