Motorcycle Accident Lawyers File Suit Against Negligent Driver

Back in June, a Wisconsin driver crashed into 10 motorcycle riders in Michigan. Two of them died, one lost a leg and several others sustained serious injuries. Police determined that 25-year-old driver Clinton Lovelace was on drugs when he crashed into the cluster of bikers.

Now, Lovelace is facing civil lawsuits from survivors to compensate for their staggering medical bills following the fatal motorcycle crash.

Eric VanDam, the biker who lost a leg, spent 98 days in the hospital following the accident. At least 50 of those days were in intensive care. In total, he received 44 pints of blood during operations. He seeks reimbursement for $407,718.55 in medical costs. He filed the suit against Lovelace and his aunt, the owner of the vehicle that crashed into him and his friends.

Lovelace also faces a suit from Douglas Williams ($177,689.05) and on behalf of deceased victim Douglas Yonkers ($93,551.00). Lovelace may be liable for $678,958.60 in total medical costs. He still claims that he has no memory of the accident.

We hope that the victims are successful in their suits against Lovelace. When someone drives intoxicated or ignores a dangerous medical condition, he or she should be held accountable for injuries and deaths that occur. Call (688) 377-3800 to learn more about filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Colorado, Wyoming or Nebraska.

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