Motorcycle Passengers Survive Train Wreck

Not many people who collide with a train live to tell about it, but two motorcyclists in Salt Lake City, Utah sustained only serious injuries because of their run-in with an eastbound TRAX train. TRAX is Utah’s light rail system that carries passengers through Salt Lake City. As the cars waited for a left-turn light in front of train tracks to change to green, the operator of a motorcycle at the front of the line decided to turn in front of the train. According to Deseret News, the train struck the motorcycle and dragged the bike for 20 feet before stopping.

The collision threw the motorcycle operator and its passenger from the bike, but a witness of the incident stated that both men were able to speak before an ambulance from a nearby hospital picked them up. The train’s driver and the 12 passengers of the train were not hurt, but Utah Transit Authority placed the driver of the train on administrative leave while police investigate the circumstances surrounding the motorcycle accident.

Even though it is tempting to bypass a slow or stopped train, especially when you are in a hurry, there is the possibility that the train may begin to move again at any moment. As a motorcyclist, you should never attempt to take a chance with outrunning a large, potentially dangerous mode of transportation.

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