Passenger Leaps from Back of Bike into Guardrail

A Colorado Springs motorcyclist and her female passenger were taken to the hospital with serious injuries after a motorcycle accident involving extreme winds and loose gravel.

Witnesses to the accident said that the rider of the motorcycle lost control after a gust of wind hit her, causing her to hit loose gravel on the side of the road. Police said that the passenger became scared and attempted to jump of the motorcycle and flew into the guardrail. The rider made it a little further down the road before the motorcycle ran into the guardrail.

According to police, the passenger suffered a serious head injury and internal injuries after hitting the guardrail, while the motorcycle rider suffered a broken arm and internal injuries. Emergency crews transported both rider and passenger to the hospital after the accident. Authorities with the police department say both women are expected to recover.

It is fortunate for both of these women that they will recover from their injuries. However, it is worth pointing out that many accidents like this are avoidable with proper training, and that training applies to both rider and passenger. Even if the woman riding the motorcycle was highly skilled, which she may have been, it can be incredibly difficult to recover your balance if a passenger attempts to leap from the back of your bike.

Take the time to teach proper passenger safety to anyone you allow onto the back of your bike. It could save both of your lives.

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