Pennsylvania’s Free Motorcycle Safety Courses Should Save Lives

We frequently stress how important motorcycle safety courses are for rider safety. In a move we wish other states would take note of, Pennsylvania is offering free motorcycle safety courses to all state residents with a valid motorcycle license or permit.

The state Motorcycle Safety Program will offer classes April 9 through the summer. The state is offering two courses: a Basic Rider Course and a Basic Rider Course 2, each composed of a written section and a riding section.

The Basic Rider Course is designed for riders who have never been on a motorcycle. It covers a variety of topics, including basic steering and balancing, riding in a group and how to cope with potential hazards.

The Basic Rider Course 2 is appropriate for experienced riders of all ages, and teaches skills such as traction management, street riding strategies and advanced turning and braking. This course qualifies riders with a permit for a license.

Rider education is one of the keys to preventing motorcycle accidents. It would be reasonable to predict that the financial benefits from free safety education, by preventing injuries, would make up for the costs of providing the program. We will be interested to see if Pennsylvania’s efforts will produce data supporting this prediction.

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