Police Officer Rear-Ends Motorcyclists

A Colorado couple suffered minor injuries after an officer with the Utah Highway Patrol rear-ended their motorcycle with his squad car.

On Tuesday, September 16, the state trooper was traveling on Wendover Blvd. behind two people on a motorcycle. The riders slowed down to enter a parking lot, but the officer did not notice, because he “looked away” momentarily.

The squad car slammed into the back of the motorcycle, throwing both riders. Paramedics transported a 58-year-old Colorado man to University Hospital, where he received treatment for minor injuries. His passenger was flown by medical helicopter to a nearby hospital to be treated for facial lacerations.

The Utah Highway Patrol released the following statement:

“We regret that this incident has occurred and are also working with family members of the victims to help in any way we can.”

Police officers should know more about the effects of distracted driving than anyone else. After all, policemen respond to thousands of collisions, injuries and deaths caused by inattentive drivers every year.

Some drivers may have all the information to make the right choice, but they still make a decision to drive recklessly. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable because of their small size and lack of safety features, so accidents are almost always serious.

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Source: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865611136/2-on-motorcycle-injured-when-hit-by-UHP-trooper.html