Rider Flees Police and Crashes Into Tour Bus

A routine traffic stop turned into a police chase and ended in a bus crash when the rider slammed into the back of a tour bus.

The incident occurred in Frankly County, PA around 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 1, 2011 when a trooper on State Route 997 noticed a rider who wasn’t wearing eye protection. The trooper pulled alongside the bike and told the rider to pull over at which point the rider took off eastbound on Route 30.

The police set up a roadblock near Route 30 and Seminary Ridge Road where the tour bus was located. The police were actually directing the bus Route 30, and out of the way of the chase, when the motorcycle slammed into it from behind.

None of the people on the bus were hurt and, amazingly, the rider sustained only minor injuries. The fact that he was able to brake and skid 400 feet before he hit probably saved his life — there were times during the chase where he hit 120 mph.

Turns out the motorcycle had been reported stolen, which explains why he ran rather than pull over for what was probably a minor infraction. Police are still withholding the rider’s identity and charges are still pending against him.

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